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City employees giving back to the community
Annual CMC Auction
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The generosity of city employees improves conditions and demonstrates the power of the collective dollar and its impact.

Message from
the CMC Chair

When you donate to the cause that gives people freedom from anxiety, from stress, trouble, or crisis, you help create peace of mind.

2018 CMC Tribute

Houston’s homeless find their way home.

Imagine being nearly invisible to society. You have no money for food, nowhere to shower, and nowhere to sleep, except a makeshift shelter crafted from scrap materials salvaged from the trash. For more than 6,000 people who find themselves without a home at night on the streets of Houston, it’s a stark reality they face time and again.

Thank you to everyone who donated and participated in the auction.

We will return next year with accepting gentle used or new donation items around June 2018.

Are you a 5013c agency?

We will start acceptation applications in February of next year. Applications will be due May 31.


Combined Municipal Campaign FAQ

Want to know how to donate? Want to know how to sign up for the CMC? Well we have the answers here.


Hear what they are saying about the CMC!

Steven Holloway, CEO & Founder

"Thank you for your support and please know that your contribution is priceless.  It opens the doors for many children’s lives to become more wholesome; it will never be in vain."

-Steven Holloway, CEO & Founder
Harper Jones, Chairman - Board of Directors

"Thank you for your gift given in April 2016. We acknowledge your support to Open Door Mission. This gift will help continue transforming the lives of the addicted, destitute, and homeless or disabled."

-Harper Jones, Chairman - Board of Directors