City Wellness programs offer alternatives to sedentary lifestyles
Maintaining your physical health can be hard while working a full-time job. The City of Houston Wellness Team offers different programs to manage chronic health issues and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Begins October 1 through October 31
Our theme, "COH Cares" is all about finding a charity that speaks to your heart and making a difference by volunteering or donating.
Check our CMC calendar for various upcoming events.
You will be able to sign up using the new Employee Self Service application.
Be prepared
The Emergency Preparedness ZIP training is now available in the Talent Management System.
THANK YOU for your service.
It's fair to say that we are in the midst of an unprecedented situation — it's certainly nothing any of us have experienced — but PSRW 2021 is here.
Wellness program

New Win For Life changes for the 2021-2022 year

Complete Steps 1 & 2 to earn medical rate discounts and Healthy Awards funds.
Be diligent
Earn $25 in Healthy Awards funds when you report your COVID-19 vaccine shot.
Latest news
Health Coaching is a 4-session one-on-one coaching program, led by a Cigna Health Coach.
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