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Tuesday, 30 June 2015 15:08

Vision Q & A

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Can I still use my Block Vision card?

Yes, but it is better to print your new Superior Vision card. Go to and log in. If it is your first time to visit the site, create a new account. When you have an online account with user name and password, you can go to the member page and click on the print ID card tab. Then you will be forwarded to a page with your card information. Print your card and produce it at appointments and at participating eyewear outlets.

What does the vision plan provide?

A full-service plan that includes a routine/basic vision exam with a $20 copayment, eyewear benefit coverage with a $25 copayment, frames with a $150 retail frame allowance, lenses or contacts once every 12 months, and a one-time $300 Lasik allowance.

How do I use this plan?

Choose a provider from the network provider directory on the website. Sign in as a member and click on the “Locate a Provider” tab at the top. Enter your zip code and click on “Find a Provider.” This will display a list of providers in the zip code you entered. When you visit a provider, present your vision plan ID card at the time of service. Pay the provider the applicable copayment, but do not pay your in-network provider for services or eyewear covered by your Superior Vision benefit. Only costs in excess of the $150 material allowance or noncovered items are the member's responsibility.

Can I use an out-of-network provider?

If you choose to use a provider not included in the plan's directory, you will be expected to pay that provider in full for services received. You will then need to send the original receipt from your out-of-network provider to Superior Vision for partial reimbursement. Out-of-network benefits differ from in-network benefits. Superior will review your eligibility and send the appropriate reimbursement to you.

Are contact lenses covered?

Yes. After a $25 materials copayment, members receive a $150 retail allowance in network, or an $80 retail allowance out of network toward the purchase of contact lenses and the contact lens fitting fee, evaluation and follow-up. This benefit is in lieu of eyeglass frames and lenses.

If I wear disposable contacts, do I have to use my entire benefit at one time?

No. You may continue to use the remaining amount of your contact lens benefit during the benefit plan year. For example, if you need disposable lenses once every three months, you may obtain your lenses under the Superior Vision plan until you reach your benefit maximum. If there is any remaining benefit value at the end of the benefit period, it does not carry over to the next benefit year.

Are eyeglasses and contact lenses covered in the same year?

No. Superior Vision's plan provides coverage for eyeglasses or contact lenses within a benefit plan year, but not both.

Is there a Lasik eye surgery benefit?

Yes, there is a one-time laser surgery allowance of $300. Lasik is paid in lieu of contact lenses and eyeglass lenses and frames.


Read more about our vision plan.

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