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Free annual physicals and medications through Cigna

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City employees enrolled in a city health plan can receive a free annual physical through their provider. They can also receive some free preventative generic and brand-name medications.

Your annual physical is the best way to stay healthy. And, employees enrolled in a Cigna plan can complete the first step toward earning a medical plan discount by getting their annual exam by January 31, 2023. Learn more about Win for Life.

Annual checkups, most routine vaccinations, and certain preventive health screenings are paid 100% when you stay in-network. But if a problem is found - one that requires more testing – there may be some cost to you. More testing or care, when needed, is considered diagnostic and not preventive. For diagnostic care, your out-of-pocket costs depend on your coverage and what tests or services are needed.

Need help understanding what's covered?

View the Cigna Preventive Health Care pdf, visit or call 800-997-1406.

Through Cigna Express Scripts Home Delivery, you may also receive free medications. Read more about "The perks of free prescriptions with Cigna Express Scripts."


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