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Get your annual mammogram at no cost

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Annual mammogram screenings are recommended for women starting at 40. Find out how to get yours.

If you’re a woman aged 40 or older it’s time to start getting an annual mammogram. These types of screenings can detect tumors too small for you or your doctor to feel, according to Cigna. While mammograms can’t prevent you from getting breast cancer, early detection of breast cancer can improve prognosis.

Who can get a mammogram?

If you’re a city employee enrolled in a city health plan you can get one mammogram per calendar year.  

What is my copay for this health screening?

Annual mammograms are considered preventive health screenings for women aged 40 and older and are provided at no cost to city employees enrolled in a city health plan.

What about follow-up visits?

If your doctor requires a follow-up visit for additional testing and imaging, you will be responsible for copays and additional costs for services not covered under preventative health screenings.

Can I see an out-of-network doctor?

You must see an in-network doctor to have preventative health screenings fully covered, according to Cigna.

Who can I contact about benefits coverage?

Contact Cigna member services at 800-997-1406.

You can contact the Benefits Division via phone or email:

Benefits Phone


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