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The perks of free prescriptions with Cigna Express Scripts

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Pharmacy home delivery service saves you money and time

It’s no secret that prescription medications can get expensive. But city employees enrolled in a city health plan can ease the financial sting of filling some prescriptions thanks to Cigna Express Scripts, Cigna’s home delivery pharmacy service.

It’s a health plan benefit that Dan Coleman started using three years ago when his asthma symptoms worsened after moving to Houston from the Dallas and Fort Worth area. 

“I’ve had asthma all my life, but normally it’s very mild—just very occasionally resulting in an attack—so I had a rescue inhaler,” said Coleman, a governing documents control team supervisor for the Housing and Community Development Department. “But here it got so bad that I was using my rescue inhaler too much and needed something else.”

Coleman said after using his myCigna account to price the cost of Symbicort, a long-acting preventive inhaler his doctor prescribed, he opted for free home delivery through Cigna Express Scripts. Coleman receives his medication delivered to his home at no cost, which saves him $2,000 a year in out-of-pocket costs.

image cigna articleThrough Cigna Express Scripts, city employees can get generic and some brand name asthma medications, generic diabetic supplies, brand name insulin, and generic cardiovascular and high blood pressure medications filled at no cost when they opt for home delivery service. 

Coleman said saving on prescriptions means more money in his pocket for other expenses and less stress about his health.

“It certainly reduces financial strain on me,” he said. “I mean that’s $2,000 a year I can spend on literally anything else rather than having to pay $2,000 a year to breathe. That’s a stress release.”

Coleman urges city employees on a city health plan to use the myCigna price my medication tool to see if they can possibly save money on their prescriptions. 

“It’s the same medicine no matter where you get it, so you may as well be paying as little as possible,” he said.

Yadira Gonzalez, an assistant airport supervisor for Houston Airport Services, currently uses Cigna Express Scripts to fill her medication.

“I save a lot of money about $648.00 a year! Also, I love the fact that they send me enough medication for 90 days and I also have the option to set up the auto refill option on the app,” Gonzalez wrote.

Montecella Flaniken, an adjudication hearing officer for the Municipal Courts Department, uses Cigna Express Scripts to fill her
blood pressure medication.

“The process is effortless. I don’t have to worry about refills. Express Scripts always alerts me when my medication is being refilled and my medication is always delivered on time,” Flaniken wrote.

Editor’s note: Not all medications are available through Express Scripts. 

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