Davis-Callier is a proactive safety advocate for GSD

Davis-Callier is a proactive safety advocate for GSD

A few minutes with safety advocate Darnesha Davis-Callier

Although Darnesha Davis-Callier is not an official employee with the HR Safety team, she is instrumental in helping to create a safe work environment at the City of Houston. Davis-Callier is an active member of the General Services Department safety committee. And by “active,” we mean active. Her diligent proactive style has made a tangible difference in GSD’s safety culture and earned her a reputation as one of our best safety advocates. Here is a brief conversation we had with her:

How did you get interested in safety?
Darnesha Davis-Callier: I have always been an advocate for safe, healthy and engaging workplaces. I believe that safety is a condition of employment, so employers must have procedures in place and provide ergonomic and safe environments for employees and customers to operate in.

You aren’t in a formal safety-related role, so what is a summary of your work with the City of Houston?
Davis-Callier: My career has always been in the human resources field. Currently, I oversee training, development, and employee engagement for the General Services Department. As it relates to safety, my role is to ensure our GSD employees are aware and compliant with all guidelines, trainings and programs rolled out from our HR Safety group.

What is your background in safety?
Davis-Callier: At a previous company, I handled OSHA trainings and compliance with ISO-9000 regulations. I have also assisted with the development of many safety guidelines, policies and procedures while here at the City of Houston.

You have a reputation for being proactive. How did you develop your sense of watchfulness?
Davis-Callier: Why, thank you for that compliment! With so many irons in the fire, I must stay ahead of the game to remain vigilant. I pride myself on trying to exceed my clients’, colleagues’ and manager’s expectations, so I’m able to do this by being attentive to what needs to be done and following through on commitments and objectives without being asked.

Are you able to involve colleagues in your department and division?
Davis-Callier: Absolutely!

Do you have a safety committee? If yes, what is your involvement in it?
Davis-Callier: Yes, I am a member.

Can you track your safety accomplishments and progress?
Davis-Callier: I suppose using the reports we receive from our safety manager on incidents and injuries, along with training compliance reports.

Are you able to employ the strategy behind the ZIP program to help your workplace safety?
Davis-Callier: Yes.

Can you list specific examples of improvements in workplace safety?
Davis-Callier: Reduction in the number of incidents and injuries within GSD due to an increase in safety awareness meetings and tailgates.

Are you optimistic that your and your colleagues’ efforts are working?
Davis-Callier: Yes.

HR Safety Advisor Everett Hays contributed to this article.


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