HR Risk Management's Worden, Guillory receive safety recognition

HR Risk Management's Worden, Guillory receive safety recognition

Cory Worden recognized by American Society of Safety Professionals with two service awards

The Charles V. Culbertson Outstanding Volunteer Service Award provides special recognition for outstanding service to ASSP at the Society level. Not only does this award offer recipients the recognition they deserve, but it also encourages others to set high goals for their involvement within ASSP.

Recipients receive a commemorative award and are recognized in our publications. This can lead to wider recognition within your community and organization, and within the broad Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) profession.

All ASSP committee members, practice specialty and common interest group officers and elected officers are eligible, except the president, president-elect, senior vice president and past presidents. Candidates must fulfill only one of the following criteria:

  —  Their services and activities led to measurable, significant, positive and recognizable accomplishments.

  —  Their services and activities led to significant development or improvement of an ASSP activity or unit.

These activities must have occurred in the previous 12-month period (prior to March).

Worden Also Earns 2022 Council on Practices and Standards Safety Professional of the Year

The SPY Award recognizes and pays tribute of an ASSP member’s outstanding achievements in contributing to our practice specialties common interest groups.

This year’s recipient of the CoPS Safety Professional of the Year is none other than the man above, our very own Cory Worden.

Thank you, Cory, for advancing the American Society of Safety Professionals and the entire safety profession through your exceptional work and volunteer service.

— Content by Steven Guillory, Safety Program Manager


Guillory earns doctorate degree, ASSP/BISE Safety Person of the Year honors

After having successfully defended his doctoral research on May 5, 2022, and graduated magna cum laude on May 6, 2022, Dr. Steven T. Guillory Jr. made the City of Houston and members of the Human Resources Department quite proud of his achievement. His school is Indiana University of Pennsylvania. It houses one of the premier safety, health, and environmental programs in the United States.

Guillory had the distinction of being selected for the first cohort of the school’s inaugural Safety Sciences Ph.D. program – only 20 of hundreds of applicants were accepted. His dissertation explored changes in annual fitness-for-duty medical examination results across fire service job classifications.

Among his many honors, he was recently named the 2022 Safety Person of the Year by the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Blacks in Safety Excellence (BISE) Common Interest Group. His primary roles in ASSP are chair for the BISE mentorship program and administrator for the Public Sector Practice Specialty (PSPS).

But if you ask him, Guillory would say that his pride and joy is the development and establishment of “ZIP”, its favorable reception among departments and employees, and its overall positive impact on the city’s safety culture. Along with other stakeholders from the Human Resources Department and other City of Houston departments, he is the key architect of the Zero Is Possible safety program — “ZERO ACCIDENTS, ZERO INJURIES, ZERO COMPROMISES!”


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