COH employees' safety should receive a boost with Paul joining the staff

COH employees' safety should receive a boost with Paul joining the staff

 ZIP:  Tell us a little about your background.

With a life-long passion for safety management, I’ve worked in the insurance industry in various capacities such as: underwriting, as a safety inspector, quality assurance reviewer, commercial property and liability adjuster, workers’ compensation desk reviewer, reinsurance and risk controls. While working for two Fortune 500 companies over the past 10 years, I gained knowledge of how risk controls works and how a company can save money when the proper safety procedures are implemented. During my career, I have been associated with a multitude of diverse situations and national disasters that involved individual clients as well as major global conglomerates. I have lived in Houston all my life but have traveled all over the continental United States consulting with city, state, and federal officials to coordinate claims and evaluate hazardous conditions.

ZIP:  How long have you worked with the City of Houston?

One year and six months.

ZIP:  What made you choose to work in the Safety department?

With a wealth of knowledge in insurance and risk management, the opportunity to work in the Safety department allows me to create a safe environment for the City of Houston employees.

ZIP:  What is most interesting or exciting aspect of working in safety?

The most interesting aspect of safety is the ability to identify all types of hazards that employees could be exposed to.

ZIP:  Why is safety important to you, and why should it be important to COH employees?

Safety is important for all COH employees, as well as myself, because it enables everyone to preserve their health and well-being in the work environment.

ZIP:  What do you do in your free time?

Fish and travel.

ZIP:  What key messages do you want COH employees to understand about the importance of safety?

You can’t afford to be complacent about safety. Your life depends on it!



Nichole Robinson