Excellent service for HPW merits promotion for Stanley Tucker

Excellent service for HPW merits promotion for Stanley Tucker

Having distinguished himself as a safety officer serving Houston Public Works on behalf of HR Safety, Stanley Tucker has earned a promotion to the role of safety supervisor. His manager, Eric Travis, another recently promoted member of the HR Safety staff, had this to say about Tucker's new role.

"Stan has always been a hard worker, pitching in on any project where he was needed, helping to build a safer working culture by being heavily involved with the day-to-day operations with HPW. He has a prior military background, so he knows the importance of effective communication, leading by example, and following the chain of command. Stan managed people before in the private sector, and I'm sure he will do just as well in the public sector. He is a shining star in HR Safety, and I'm certain he will go far."

In his new role, Tucker will supervise four safety officers, all of whom serve HPW:

  • Laken Hemphill
  • Melody Kirksey
  • Felicia Olive
  • William Paul

Together, they serve HPW in these service lines:

  • Houston Permitting Center
  • Capital Projects
  • Customer Account Services
  • Transportation and Drainage Operations

Tucker previously discussed his views on safety and experience in the field with your ZIP Newsletter. Read that Q&A article here.




David Smith