Friday, 24 February 2023 12:52

Solid Waste Management Department approves contract to combat illegal dumping

Houston City Council approved a three-year, $8M contract with DRC Emergency Services today to protect Houston neighborhoods and combat illegal dumping throughout the city.

The contract will provide supplemental services to the Solid Waste Management Department to aid in the removal of heavy trash, junk waste and bulky waste from the curb on EVEN months. “The addition of this supplemental service enhances the reliability of our residential collections and minimizes delays and lapses in service.” said Solid Waste Director Mark Wilfalk.

Each month, SWMD cleans between 230 to over 400 illegal dumping sites throughout the city, for a total of over 3,600 sites annually. Many of the sites are repeatedly targeted by individuals or companies responsible for illegal dumping and must be cleaned multiple times at a cost to taxpayers. Illegal dumping also threatens the health and safety of neighborhoods and is costly to remove.

“The city of Houston spends millions of dollars each year to clean up illegal dumping, and it’s important to people to do their part. If they see illegal dumping happening, we want people to report it. If you’re engaging in illegal dumping, you need to stop, or you will be caught and fined. I want everyone to have pride in our city, and reducing illegal dumping is a big step,” said Mayor Sylvester Turner.

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