Tuesday, 30 May 2023 09:42

Solid Waste Management Department employees handles Houston resident’s trash can with care

Dennis Pickering was amazed at the prompt service he received when he called Solid Waste Management Department about his missing trash cart. Here is what he wrote:

Mayor,Your Solid Waste Department and 311 service were extremely helpful and responsive. My "Trash Cart" disappeared after the April 27 trash pickup. I called 311 and someone answered quickly and explained exactly what I needed. I called back May 6th, Saturday and again was handled PERFECTLY.Today, Thursday, May 11, (Barely FOUR working days later) my new Trash Cart was delivered. Wow! The estimate was 5-10 days!The 311 and others were helpful, responsive and competent. Please thank them for me and perhaps offer a few dozen donuts to let them know, they did GOOD and made a citizen (and you) proud and happy.Thank you.Dennis Pickering

The helpers were identified as Regina Delgado (311) and Terrance Moore (SWMD). Great job, team!

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